AS-166    EP    Hormozgan Province group (Iran)
OC-251/Pr VK3   Victoria State West group (Australia)
OC-253    V63   Hall Islands (Federated States of Micronesia)
OC-254    V63   Mortlock Islands (Federated States of Micronesia)
OC-255/Pr VK4   Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) North group


OC-251/Pr VK3   Victoria State West group (Australia)
OC-255/Pr VK4   Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) North group


* = Reference numbers issued since publication of Directory - 11th edition

AF-086      D4    Windward Islands (Cape Verde)
AF-087      5H    Tanga Region group (Tanzania)
AF-088      C9    Nampula District group (Mozambique)
AF-089      TR    Ogooue-Maritime Province group (Gabon)
AF-090      5R    Madagascar's Coastal Islands East (Madagascar)
AF-091      3V    Jendouba / Bizerte / Tunis / Nabeul Region group (Tunisia)
* AF-092    3V    Sousse / Monastir / Mahdia Region group (Tunisia)
AS-145      HS    Malay Peninsula South East group (Thailand)
AS-146      BY4   Shandong Province North East group (China)
AS-147      JA8   Hokkaido's Coastal Islands (Japan)
AS-148      HL4   Cholla-bukto Province group (South Korea)
AS-149      R0F   Sakhalin's Coastal Islands (Russian Federation)
AS-150      BY4   Shandong Province South group (China)
AS-151      BY2   Liaoning Province West group (China)
AS-152      R0Q   Respublika Sakha: Laptev Sea Coast West group (Russian Fed)
AS-153      VU    West Bengal State group (India)
AS-154      TA    Black Sea Coast East group (Turkey)
AS-155      BV    Taiwan's Coastal Islands (Taiwan)
AS-156      R0B   Ushakova Island (Russian Federation)
AS-157      3W    South China Sea Coast Centre group (Vietnam)
AS-158      BY2   Liaoning Province East group (China)
AS-159      TA    Black Sea Coast West group (Turkey)
AS-160      BY4   Shandong Province North West group (China)
AS-161      VU    Kerala State group (India)
* AS-162    3W    South China Sea Coast North group (Vietnam)
* AS-163    R0Q   Laptev Sea Coast East group (Russian Federation)
* AS-164    R0Q   East Siberian Sea Coast West group (Russian Federation)
* AS-165    XZ    Arakan Region group (Myanmar)
* AS-166    EP    Hormozgan Province group (Iran)
EU-170      9A    Dalmatia North group (Croatia)
EU-171      OZ    Jylland North group (Denmark)
EU-172      OZ    Jylland East and Fyn group (Denmark)
EU-173      OH1   Lansi-suomi (Pori) Province group (Finland)
EU-174      SV    Makedonia / Thraki Region group (Greece)
EU-175      CU3-7 Central group (Portugal: Azores)
EU-176      SM3   Gavleborg County group (Sweden)
EU-177      SM5   Sodermanland / Ostergotland County group (Sweden)
EU-178      ES0,8 Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South group (Estonia)
EU-179      UR    Mykolayivs'ka / Khersons'ka Obl: Black Sea Coast (Ukraine)
EU-180      UR    Respublika Krym: Black Sea Coast group (Ukraine)
EU-181      LZ    Bulgaria group (Bulgaria)
EU-182      UR    Odes'ka Obl: Black Sea Coast group (Ukraine)
EU-183      YO    Romania group (Romania)
EU-184      OH8   Oulu Province group (Finland)
EU-185      R6A-D Krasnodarskiy Kray: Black Sea Coast group (Russian Fed)
EU-186      TA    Turkey group (Turkey)
EU-187      SV9   Crete's Coastal Islands (Greece: Crete)
EU-188      R1P   Pechorskoye Sea Coast West group (Russian Federation)
NA-213      W4    Alabama State group (United States)
NA-214      KL    Nome County South group (Alaska)
NA-215      KL    Northwest Arctic County group (Alaska)
NA-216      KL    Northern Alaska Peninsula West group (Alaska)
NA-217      W1    New Hampshire State group (United States)
NA-218      CO8   Las Tunas / Holguin / Santiago de Cuba Province grp (Cuba)
NA-219      C6    Cay Sal Bank Cays (Bahamas)
NA-220      OX    Greenland's Coastal Islands South West (Greenland)
NA-221      XE1   Veracruz State North group (Mexico)
* NA-222    KL    Southern Alaska Peninsula West group (Alaska)
OC-232      4W    East Timor's Coastal Islands (East Timor)
OC-233      VK7   Tasmania's Coastal Islands (Australia)
OC-234      VK    Browse Island (Australia)
OC-235      DU8-9 Mindanao's Coastal Islands (Philippines)
OC-236      YB8   Celebes's Coastal Islands (Indonesia)
OC-237      YB0-3 Java's Coastal Islands (Indonesia)
OC-238      FO    Pukarua and Reao Atolls, Tuamotu Islands (French Polynesia)
OC-239      YB9   Irian Jaya's Coastal Islands West (Indonesia)
OC-240      P2    Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands East (Papua New Guinea)
OC-241      YB9   Timor Barat's Coastal Islands (Indonesia)
OC-242      YB8   Bonerate and Taka' Bonerate Islands (Indonesia)
OC-243      VK6   WA State (South Coast) West group (Australia)
OC-244      DU1-4 Luzon's Coastal Islands (Philippines)
OC-245      YB5-6 Sumatra's Coastal Islands North (Indonesia)
OC-246      YB8   Leti and Sermata Islands (Indonesia)
OC-247      YB8   Sabalana and Tengah Islands (Indonesia)
OC-248      T8    South Palau group (Palau)
* OC-249    YB8   Aru Islands (Indonesia)
* OC-250    YB3   Masalembu Islands (Indonesia)
* OC-251/Pr VK3   Victoria State West group (Australia)
* OC-252    YB7   Kalimantan's Coastal Islands West (Indonesia)
* OC-253    V63   Hall Islands (Federated States of Micronesia)
* OC-254    V63   Mortlock Islands (Federated States of Micronesia)
* OC-255/Pr VK4   Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) North group
SA-087      LU    Santa Cruz Province North group (Argentina)
SA-088      PP5   Santa Catarina State South group (Brazil)
SA-089      YV1   Falcon State group (Venezuela)
SA-090      YV5-7 Anzoategui State / Sucre State West group (Venezuela)
SA-091      CE8   Magallanes Province group (Chile)
* SA-092    PZ    Suriname group (Suriname)
* SA-093    HK4   Choco Division North/Antioquia Division group (Colombia)


AF-013  5R8HA Madagascar Island (October 2002)
AF-032  5H1HS Zanzibar Island (October 2002)
AF-057  5R8HA/P Nosy Komba Island (October 2002)
AF-086  D44TR Sal Island (October/November 2002)
AS-079  JJ3NAW/6 Miyako Island, Miyako Islands (November 2002)
AS-079  JR3TVH/6 Miyako Island, Miyako Islands (November 2002)
AS-147  JJ3NAW/8 Rebun & Rishiri Islands (July & September 2002)
AS-147  JR3TVH/8 Rebun & Rishiri Islands (July & September 2002)
AS-151  BA4DW/2 Changxing Island (November 2002)
AS-166  EP6KI Qeys (Kish) Island (October 2002)
EU-183  YP1W Sacalinu Mare Island (October 2002)
NA-158  WL7O Kalgin Island (July 2002)
OC-013  ZK1EQL Rarotonga Island (October 2002)
OC-051  FO5RK Rapa Island (November/December 2002)
OC-066  FO/JA4GXS Rangiroa Island (October 2002)
OC-090  DZ1MS Coron Island, Calamian Group (October 2002)
OC-126  DX0L Lubang Island, Lubang Islands (October 2002)
OC-142  VK2IAY/4 Lady Elliot Island (December 2002)
OC-159  ZK1EQL Mangaia Island (October 2002)
OC-172  VK2IAY/4 Fitzroy Island (December 2002)
OC-235  4D0MS Talikud Island (October 2002)
OC-253  V63RE Nomwin Island, Hall Islands (October 2002)
OC-253  V63WN Nomwin Island, Hall Islands (October 2002)
OC-254  V63RE Satawan (Ta) Island, Mortlock Islands (October 2002)
OC-254  V63WN Satawan (Ta) Island, Mortlock Islands (October 2002)
SA-008  LU/F5JY Tierra del Fuego (November 2002)
SA-008  LU/F5TYY Tierra del Fuego (November 2002)
SA-008  LU/F6BFH Tierra del Fuego (November 2002)
SA-008  LU/F6EGG Tierra del Fuego (November 2002)
SA-008  LU/F9IE Tierra del Fuego (November 2002)
SA-049  LU1XS Redonda Island (November 2002)
SA-049  LU/F5JY Redonda Island (November 2002)
SA-049  LU/F5TYY Redonda Island (November 2002)
SA-049  LU/F6BFH Redonda Island (November 2002)
SA-049  LU/F6EGG Redonda Island (November 2002)
SA-049  LU/F9IE Redonda Island (November 2002)
SA-050  CE8/F5JY Navarino Island (November 2002)
SA-050  CE8/F5TYY Navarino Island (November 2002)
SA-050  CE8/F6BFH Navarino Island (November 2002)
SA-050  CE8/F6EGG Navarino Island (November 2002)
SA-050  CE8/F9IE Navarino Island (November 2002)

Note:  This   list  includes   operations  where   validation  material   was
volunteered, ie not  specifically required  for credit  to be  given. In  all
cases, cards  now submitted  will be  accepted by  Checkpoints if  they  meet
normal standards. This means that the island name must be on the card.

         >>>                AS AT  31 DECEMBER 2002               <<<

EU-082     U1ZA/1 & /A Kil'din Island (resident?)
EU-186     TB05GF Gokceada Island (August 2002)
EU-186     YM05GF Gokceada Island (August 2002)
OC-251/Pr  VI3JPI Lady Julia Percy Island (September 2002)
OC-255/Pr  VK4WWI Woody Wallis Island (November 2002)
SA-069     3G1A Santa Maria Island (July 2002)
SA-088     PSA088 Tacami Island (June 2001)

Note: Checkpoints are  not authorised to  credit QSL cards  for an  operation
where validation is required.

                             >>> ANNUAL UPDATE <<<

IOTA enthusiasts are reminded that the last date for mailing applications  or
updates to  checkpoints for  inclusion  in the  2003  Honour Roll  and  other
performance tables is 1 February  2003. If postmarked  after that date,  they
will be processed in the normal way but the  scores will be held over to  the
following year's listing.

Listing in  the 2003  tables will  be restricted  to those  members who  have
updated their scores since February 1998. This implements the new rule in the
latest IOTA Directory that limits inclusion in the listings to those  members
who update their scores at least once every five years. It is important  that
members who  have not  updated since  the 1998  annual listings  and wish  to
remain listed should  make a submission  on or before  1 February 2003.  This
change should not have  a major effect  on the Honour  Roll where almost  all
members have  updated in  the last  five years,  but it  could lead  to  some
reduction in the size of the  main Annual Listing. Update  now and keep  your
score live!

"Lapsed" members should  note that their  records on the  IOTA database  have
been amended to reflect changes in Directory 2000 arising from the  splitting
of a  number of  island groups.  This reminder  applies additionally  to  any
member who has  not converted his/her  record to the  revised island  listing
during the  last two  years. The  maximum 19  credits concerned  were  either
confirmed or repositioned where HQ knew  the correct group or, failing  that,
deleted. Checkpoints should be able to provide information on revised  scores
in time for replacement card action  to be taken before the end-January  2003
annual listings deadline.

All members  should be  reminded that  the final  decision on  acceptance  of
credits is made at  IOTA HQ and  that this can  mean downward adjustments  to
scores  at  any  time  to  reflect  corrections  of  one  sort  or   another.
Data-cleansing work is  on-going and covers  every member's complete  record,
not just the latest credits added. Although efforts are made to alert members
to score changes, this cannot be  guaranteed to happen in each case.  Members
who are intent on monitoring their record closely should check their credited
score in the  performance tables when  published or, alternatively,  directly
with their checkpoints AFTER their data has been recorded at HQ.

All applicants should base their  submissions on the  island listing in  IOTA
Directory 2000 or IOTA Directory - 11th Edition, updated by the table above.

Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Manager                                  RSGB IOTA Committee Member
1 January 2003                                                 2 January 2003
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Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
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