IOTA Notice * January 2007

                 We wish all our readers and their families
                  a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous
                                New Year 2007


                            >>> ANNUAL UPDATE <<<

Yes, it is here again. The last  date for mailing applications or updates  to
checkpoints for  inclusion in  the 2007  Honour  Roll and  other  performance
tables is  1 February  2007. If  postmarked after  that  date, they  will  be
processed in the normal way but the scores will be held over to the following
appearance. Listing in  the tables is  restricted to those  members who  have
updated their scores at least once in the previous five years. In the case of
the 2007 tables this  means since the  2002 annual listings.  If you wish  to
remain listed, check to see that you  qualify and, if not, make a  submission
on or before 1 February 2007. The tables will appear on the RSGB IOTA website
in the early Summer.


                      >>> UPDATES FEBRUARY ONWARDS <<<

After the Annual Update we will transfer the IOTA database on to new software
which provides for  on-line application. From  that point on  it will not  be
possible for  checkpoints to  import  the text  files  generated by  the  old
IOTAMEM software, so please do NOT send these in after the end of January. In
fact it is best to hold updating until May  at the earliest when we plan  for
guidance to be available on how to  submit on-line. And, please, in case  the
thought crosses your mind, do not submit on paper in an attempt to circumvent
use of IOTAMEM! Word is around that the administration charges for submitting
on paper will be increased early in 2007.


                  >>> NEW IOTA REFERENCE NUMBERS ISSUED <<<

AF-103   C9    Zambezia District group (Mozambique)
NA-237   KL    Southern Alaska Peninsula East group (Alaska)
NA-238   KL    Southern Alaska Peninsula Centre group (Alaska)
NA-241   KL    Wade-Hampton County group (Alaska)


            >>>  (BUT NOT CONFIRMED) AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2006  <<<




AF-027  TX6A       Mayotte Island (October 2006)
AF-103  C94KF      Inhacamba Island (August 2006)
AS-126  E21EIC/P   Lipe Island (December 2006)
AS-126  E21YDP/P   Lipe Island (December 2006)
AS-126  HS0EHF/P   Lipe Island (December 2006)
EU-183  YP1W       Sacalinu Mare Island (July/August 2006)
NA-004  KL7HBK/P   Endeavor (Endicott) Island (October 2006)
NA-010  VE1/F5AHO  Cape Breton Island (September 2006)
NA-010  VE1/F5PAC  Cape Breton Island (September 2006)
NA-029  VY2/F5AHO  Prince Edward Island (September 2006)
NA-029  VY2/F5PAC  Prince Edward Island (September 2006)
NA-068  VE9/F5AHO  Lameque Island (September 2006)
NA-068  VE9/F5PAC  Lameque Island (September 2006)
NA-081  VE1/F5AHO  Big Tancook Island (September 2006)
NA-081  VE1/F5PAC  Big Tancook Island (September 2006)
NA-115  XF4K       Clarion Island (November 2006)
NA-126  VE1/F5AHO  Johns Island (September 2006)
NA-126  VE1/F5PAC  Johns Island (September 2006)
NA-127  VE1/F5AHO  Brier Island (September 2006)
NA-127  VE1/F5PAC  Brier Island (September 2006)
NA-154  VE1/F5AHO  George Island (September 2006)
NA-154  VE1/F5PAC  Hog Island (September 2006)
NA-197  K7A        Fox Island (August 2006)
NA-237  W5BOS/NL0  Ugaiushak Island (August 2006)
NA-238  W5BOS/AL0  Unavikshak Island (August 2006)
NA-241  K7A        Neragon Island, Sand Islands (July 2006)
OC-062  FO5RH      Pukapuka Atoll, Tuamotu Islands (September 2005)
OC-114  FO/KM9D    Raivavae Island, Austral Islands (July/August 2006)
OC-115  P29NI      Kiriwina Island, Trobriand Islands (October 2006)
OC-153  P29VCX     Daru Island (October 2006)
OC-187  VK4CSP/P   Lizard Island (October 2006)
OC-245  YE5R       Rupat Island (July 2006)
OC-258  P29K       Kranket Island (March 2006)

Note:  This   list  includes   operations  where   validation  material   was
volunteered, ie not  specifically required  for credit  to be  given. In  all
cases, cards  now submitted  will be  accepted by  Checkpoints if  they  meet
normal standards. This means that the  island name should  be printed on  the



AF-070  V51VV/P    Possession Island (August 2006)
AF-074  5H3VMB/5   ????? Island (December 2006/January 2007)
AF-103  C91VB/4    Inhacamba Island (December 2006)
NA-219  C6ARI      Elbow Cay, Cay Sal Bank Cays (January 2007)
OC-191  A35TN      Niuatoputapu Island (December 2006/January 2007)

Note: Checkpoints are  not authorised to  credit QSL cards  for an  operation
where validation is required.


Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Manager                                  RSGB IOTA Committee Member
6 January 2007                                                 7 January 2007           

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
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