IOTA notice [January 97]


Just a  reminder -  the following  IOTA Reference  Numbers have  been  issued
provisionally (Prov) and still need to be confirmed: 

AF-076 (Prov) 5N4  Gulf of  Guinea group  (operations  by 5N4ALE  from  Bonny

AS-125 (Prov) HS   Gulf of  Thailand North  East group  (operations by  HS50A
                   from Koh Chang)

OC-217 (Prov) YB3  Kangean Is (operations by YB3SPS/P)

OC-218 (Prov) FK   Matthew Island (operations by FK5M)

Checkpoints are not authorised to accept for IOTA credit QSL cards confirming
contacts made with islands/groups whose Reference Numbers have been issued on
a provisional basis.

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor

>>> NEWS FROM THE RSGB IOTA COMMITTEE [2/97] <<< NEW CHECKPOINT The RSGB IOTA Committee is happy to announce the following new Country Assistant and Checkpoint appointments for Brazil and South America: * Helio Carlota, PY2DBU, as the Checkpoint for Brazil and South America (excluding French Guiana), * Ronaldo Bastos Reis, PS7AB, as Country Assistant for Brazil, * Pedro Sirzanink, PP5SZ, as Country Assistant for South America (excluding French Guiana). PS7AB and PP5SZ will act as Assistant Checkpoints when necessary. These new checkpoint arrangements, which have the support of the Brazilian National Society LABRE, took effect on 1 January 1997. FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION TO VK6LC'S LACEPEDE IS OPERATION OC-214 " [...] When a group or an individual go out of their way to make a collection for a DXpedition without any thought of benefit to themselves, it deserves to be recorded and publicised. This happened in the case of Mal Johnson VK6LC's operation from the remote Lacepede Is in May 1996 signing VK6ISL. DXNS 1704 [as well as 425DXN 249, ed.] carried a note at the time that the Diamond DX Club (DDXC) had decided to try and raise US$1000 for Mal towards the projected cost of US$5000 for this IOTA New One. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Gianni Varetto, I1HYW, this target was well exceeded, the amount collected reaching, with a US$260 contribution from the USA, a handsome US$1921! This was a tremendous, and extraordinary, gesture on behalf of an operator who has over recent years activated many new IOTA groups in Australia at considerable cost to himself. Needless to say, Mal is very grateful. Hearty congratulations to Gianni and the Diamonds. (This is quite separate from a donation of 450 pounds made by the IOTA Committee, with the assistance of a collection at the Windsor HF Convention, towards the cost of replacing equipment lost by Mal in an accident on his immediately following operation from Sholl Island OC-140)." (Roger Balister, G3KMA, RSGB IOTA Manager). Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ RSGB IOTA Committee member (Europe) Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM 425 DX News Editor