From this month all IOTA number references are on the basis
                     of the listing in IOTA Directory 2000

                     >>> IOTA REFERENCE NUMBERS ISSUED <<<

AF-085      ZS    Western Cape Province North West group (South Africa)
AF-086    * D4    Windward Islands (Cape Verde)
AF-087/Pr   5H    Tanga Region group (Tanzania)
AS-145      HS    Malay Peninsula South East group (Thailand)
AS-146      BY4   Shandong Province North East group (China)
AS-147    * JA8   Hokkaido's Coastal Islands (Japan)
EU-170    * 9A    Dalmatia North group (Croatia)
EU-171    * OZ    Jylland North group (Denmark)
EU-172    * OZ    Jylland East and Fyn group (Denmark)
EU-173    * OH1   Lansi-suomi (Pori) Province group (Finland)
EU-174    * SV    Makedonia / Thraki Region group (Greece)
EU-175    * CU3-7 Central group (Portugal: Azores)
EU-176    * SM3   Gavleborg County group (Sweden)
EU-177/Pr * SM5   Sodermanland / Ostergotland County group (Sweden)
EU-178/Pr * ES0,8 Parnumaa County / Saaremaa County South group (Estonia)
EU-179/Pr * UR    Mykolayivs'ka / Khersons'ka Obl: Black Sea Coast group
EU-180/Pr * UR    Respublika Krym: Black Sea Coast group (Ukraine)
NA-213    * W4    Alabama State group (United States)
SA-087      LU    Santa Cruz Province North group (Argentina)



AF-085  ZS31ER     Elephant Rock (April 2000)
AS-012  JA4PXE/6   Nagashima (May 2000)
AS-012  JI3DST/6   Nagashima (May 2000)
AS-037  JI3DST/6   Kami-Koshikijima, Koshikijima Islands (April/May 2000)
AS-056  JA4PXE/6   Ojima, Danjo Islands (May 2000)
AS-067  JA4PXE/6   Uji Island (May 2000)
AS-067  JI3DST/6   Uji Island (May 2000)
AS-117  JA4PXE/4   Kasadoshima (February/March 2000)
AS-145  E29DX      Koh Nu (April 2000)
AS-146  BI4L       Changdao Island (May 2000)
NA-213  KB5GL/4    Dauphin Island (June 2000)
SA-013  XR0ZY      San Ambrosio Island (April 2000)
SA-087  AY0N/X     Pinguino Island (April 2000)

(+) Includes  operations  where  validation material was volunteered, ie  not
specifically  required  for  credit  to be given -  in all cases  cards   now
submitted will be accepted by Checkpoints if they meet normal standards.


AF-087/Pr    5I3A      Yambe Island (July 2000)
EU-177/Pr    SM4DDS/5  Aspoja Island (June 2000)
EU-178/Pr    ES1QX/8   Kihnu Island (June 2000)
EU-179/Pr    UR5ZEL/P  Berezan' Island (July 2000)
EU-180/Pr    EM5UIA    Lebyazh'i Islands (July 2000)
NA-064       AL7RB/P   Attu Island, Near Islands (September 1999)
NA-155       TE6U      Uvita Island (May 2000)
OC-202       DX4RIG    Tinaga Island, Calagua Islands (April 2000)
SA-050 (++)  CE8/R3CA  Riesco Island (January 2000)

(++) In IOTA Directory 2000 Riesco  Island falls in an unnumbered group  but,
following the procedure  explained there, will  not attract  a new  reference
number until a further valid operation has taken place.

Checkpoints are not authorised to credit QSL cards for operations from  which
validation material is still awaited.


1. Applicants submitting a first-time application on the basis of the islands
listing in Directory 2000 may apply for credit for any of the new groups.

2. Applicants submitting a first-time application on the basis of the islands
listing in a Directory issued before 2000 may not apply for credit for groups
listed above which are marked with a star (*).

3. Applicants, updating an existing score  on the HQ database, may apply  for
credit for groups marked with a star (*) only if they have already  converted
their record on to a Directory 2000 basis by means of a Conversion Sheet (see

The purpose of this is to prevent the same island being counted for credit in
two groups since  most of the  starred groups  were split  from other  listed

                             CONVERSION SHEETS
Current IOTA members  with a score  credited at IOTA  HQ are  asked to  delay
applying for credit  for the New  Groups until  they can  submit a  completed
Conversion Sheet covering  all the groups  affected. Copies of  this will  be
available on the RSGB IOTA Web-site (for downloading) or from IOTA HQ in late
July.  Checkpoints have been instructed not to process cards without this.

In  the  meantime,  please  do  not  ask  questions  of  the  IOTA   Manager,
Checkpoints, Committee or HQ as to the validity of a particular card. If  you
have any doubt that the card you have for an "old" contact will be  accepted,
e.g. because the island is not listed in the Directory, work the group  again
when you hear it on the air. In due course  you will be able to submit  these
cards to Checkpoints as part of the Conversion Exercise.

                           UPDATE INFORMATION
Things are currently  moving very  fast on  the IOTA  front. If  you are  not
already a regular visitor, do  check for latest  developments the website  at

                     >>> HONOUR ROLL / ANNUAL LISTING <<<

This year's Honour Roll and Annual  Listings are available  on the RSGB  IOTA
Website at http://www.rsgbiota.org/ . Please note that they reflect  members'
scores as at 1 February 2000  and that updates  or new applications  received
since are not included. Any queries should be raised with your Checkpoint.

The Honour Roll and Annual Listings (RSGB members only) will be published  in
the August issue of Radio Communication (RadCom) issued at the end of July.

                          >>> IOTA DIRECTORY 2000 <<<

IOTA Directory 2000 was published by  RSGB on 19 June. If  you are an  active
IOTA participant, or indeed a closet island  chaser, you will need a copy  as
the island  listings have  undergone a  complete  revision. The  changes  are
sufficiently significant that, without the  new Directory, you  will be at  a
real disadvantage.  Manually  updating  an earlier  version  will  not  be  a
feasible option.

DXpeditioners, in particular, need to get a copy as there are rule changes as
well as island listing changes  which may affect  their expedition plans  for
the summer, including in particular the IOTA Contest.

Copies are  available from  19 June  from the  following address:  RSGB  IOTA
Programme, PO Box 9, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 3RH, England. For information  on
prices etc check  the RSGB website  at http://www.rsgb.org.uk (Click  "Browse
Our Book  Catalogue" and  then "Awards"  in "Catalogue  Contents") or  e-mail
sales@rsgb.org.uk .

DISTRIBUTOR FOR NORTH AMERICA: The Island  Radio Expedition Foundation,  Inc.
(http:www.sat.net/~iref) is the  distributor for the  IOTA Directory 2000  in
North America. All profits from the sale of these Directories by IREF will go
toward the funding  of expeditions to  new or rare  IOTA qualifying  islands.
Send your  order ($16.00  plus $3.00  postage) to  IREF Inc.,  118 Oak  Ridge
Drive, New  Braunfels, Texas  78132 USA.  [TNX Mike  Crownover, AD5A,  e-mail

                           >>> IOTA CONTEST 2000 <<<

A reminder that the IOTA Contest takes  place from 1200 UTC Saturday 29  July
to 1200 UTC Sunday 30 July 2000. As this contest now attracts more than  1000
participants, it  is quite  possible to  work during  the  24 hours  the  100
different IOTAs required to qualify for the basic award. Full details are  at
http://www.g4tsh.demon.co.uk/HFCC/Rules-2000/iota.htm .

If you plan to take part  as an island station,  please check IOTA  Directory
2000 to see that your island counts and that you have the right IOTA  number.
If it is not listed, it could be that its IOTA status has been withdrawn.  So
you may need to investigate. Also remember,  if you decide to activate a  new
group (bearing in mind the publication of a new Directory!), a new  reference
number will NOT be issued  during the 24  hours of the  contest, so you  will
need to start the operation before the contest to secure the number.

For participants  interested in  a contest  logger,  Paul O'Kane,  EI5DI  has
uploaded version  9.61 of  SDI (SD  for IOTA),  as freeware,  to his  website
www.ei5di.com. The only  logger dedicated to  this event,  it's intended  for
single-operator entries.  Paul  says that  version  9.61  is  much  improved,
compared to  last year's  version, in  terms of  giving real-time  multiplier
information as callsign prefixes are typed. It's great fun to use.

                            >>> CAST YOUR VOTE! <<<

IOTA enthusiasts are invited to cast  their votes to nominate the winners  of
the RSGB IOTA Awards for the Calendar Year 1999.

Three beautiful pearl shell trophies were presented to the IOTA Committee  in
1998 by well-known island activator Malcolm  Johnson, VK6LC. The purchase  of
high  quality  replicas  to  be  given  annual  winners  for  retention   was
subsequently funded by Victor Rusinov, UT8LL, a long term supporter of IOTA.

The trophies are awarded  annually to DXpeditions  judged to deserve  special
recognition in the year in question. Each person voting has three votes,  one
in each of the following categories:
* the Most Courageous IOTA DXpedition of the Year
* the Most Outstanding DXpedition of the Year (Europe, Africa and Asia)
* the Most Outstanding DXpedition of the  Year (North America, South  America
   and Oceania)

The IOTA Committee retains the final decision,  but it will be guided by  the
result of a free and fair vote. Full information, including a voting form  by
e-mail and a list of possible nominees, is available at

The deadline for voting is midday 1 August 2000. Results will be announced at
the RSGB HF & IOTA Convention at Windsor  taking place from 13 to 15  October

Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Manager                         RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)

                      Past IOTA Notices are available at

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor