Monthly update of data in IOTA Directory 2000

                   >>> IOTA REFERENCE NUMBERS ISSUED <<<

AF-090     5R    Madagascar's Coastal Islands East (Madagascar)
AS-158     BY2   Liaoning Province East group (China)
AS-159/Pr  TA    Black Sea Coast West group (Turkey)
EU-188     R1P   Pechorskoye Sea Coast West group (Russian Federation)
OC-247/Pr  YB8   Sabalana and Tengah Islands (Indonesia)


AS-156/Pr  R0B   Ushakova Island (Russian Federation)
AS-157/Pr  3W    South China Sea Coast Centre group (Vietnam)
AS-159/Pr  TA    Black Sea Coast West group (Turkey)
NA-220/Pr  OX    Greenland's Coastal Islands South West (Greenland)
OC-244/Pr  DU1-4 Luzon's Coastal Islands (Philippines)
OC-247/Pr  YB8   Sabalana and Tengah Islands (Indonesia)

Note: A full listing of new  IOTA reference numbers issued since  publication
of IOTA  Directory 2000  may be  found  on the  IOTA  Manager's web  site  at


AF-090  5R8GT      Sainte-Marie Island (April 2001)
AF-090  5R8GY      Sainte-Marie Island (May/June 2001)
AS-013  8Q7WH      North Ari Atoll, Maldive Islands (June 2001)
AS-056  JA6GIJ/6   Me Island, Danjo Islands (June 2001)
AS-056  JA6JPS/6   Me Island, Danjo Islands (June 2001)
AS-056  JA6LCJ/6   Me Island, Danjo Islands (June 2001)
AS-154  YM0KG      Giresun Island (April 2001)
AS-158  BA4DW/2    Dachangshan Island, Changshan Islands (May 2001)
EU-188  UE1RCV/1   Sengeyskiy Island (March 2001)
NA-045  XF3/AB5EB  Mujeres Island (June 2001)
NA-045  XF3/KB5SKN Mujeres Island (June 2001)
OC-034  YC9WZJ     New Guinea/Irian Jaya Island (resident)
SA-017  HK3JJH/5   La Palma Island (April 2001)

Note:  This   list  includes   operations  where   validation  material   was
volunteered, ie not  specifically required  for credit  to be  given. In  all
cases, cards  now submitted  will be  accepted by  Checkpoints if  they  meet
normal standards. This means that the island name must be on the card.

         >>>                  AS  AT 1 JULY 2001                  <<<

AS-050    RU0B/P   Isachenko Island, Sergeya Kirova Islands (April 2001)
AS-057    RU0B     Uyedineniya Island (April 2001)
AS-068    RS0B/P   Kravkova Island, Mona Islands (April 2001)
AS-140    S21BR    Dakhin Shahbazpur (Bhola) Island (December 2000)
AS-156/Pr RI0B     Ushakova Island (April 2001)
AS-157/Pr 3W7D     Tam Island (April 2001)
AS-159/Pr YM0KI    Kefken Island (June 2001)
EU-186    TA1ED/0  Gokceada Island (December 2000)
NA-035    HR6SI    Santanilla Islands (March 2001)
NA-220/Pr OX3LG    Simiutaq Island (April 2001)
OC-091    DU1KGJ/P Polillo Island (February 2001)
OC-093    4H2B     Batan Island (February 2001)
OC-126    4I1P     Lubang Island (February 2001)
OC-244/Pr 4I1P     Marinduque Island (February 2001)
OC-247/Pr YB8HZ/P  Sabalana Island (June 2001)
SA-088    PSA088   Tacami Island (June 2001)

Note: Checkpoints are  not authorised to  credit QSL cards  for an  operation
where validation is required.

                         >>> UPDATES ON THE ABOVE <<<

Apologies for the late posting of this 1 July bulletin. The information above
has been updated in  the 1 August  IOTA NEWS under  preparation which can  be
accessed on the IOTA Manager's website above. Under IOTA NEWS BULLETINS click

                >>> IOTA CONTEST 2001 (updated information) <<<

A reminder that the IOTA Contest takes  place from 1200 UTC Saturday 28  July
to 1200 UTC Sunday 29 July 2001. As this contest now attracts more than  1000
participants, it  is quite  possible to  work during  the  24 hours  the  100
different IOTAs required to qualify for the basic award. Full details are  at
http://www.rsgbhfcc.org/ .

If you plan to take part  as an island station,  please check IOTA  Directory
2000 to see that your island counts and that you have the right IOTA  number.
If it is not listed, it could be that its IOTA status has been withdrawn.  So
you may  need to  investigate.  When submitting  a  contest entry,  you  MUST
mention the name of the island from which you operated. The group name or the
IOTA reference number is not sufficient.

Please note  that  ALL  correspondence  about  the  contest  rules,  conduct,
adjudication and results must be  directed to the  IOTA Contest Manager,  Don
Field, G3XTT at iotacontest@rsgbhfcc.org and NOT to the IOTA Committee or the
IOTA Manager. Notices of planned island activity should be addressed to Steve
Lawman, G0UIH at g0uihsteve@compuserve.com .

               >>> IOTA HONOUR ROLL AND ANNUAL LISTINGS 2001 <<<

The full Honour Roll and Annual  Listings can be found  on the official  IOTA
web site at  http://www.rsgbiota.org . The  following is  the write-up  which
accompanied it in the July issue of RadCom, the RSGB Members' Magazine:

                        RSGB IOTA ANNUAL LISTINGS 2001

                 By Roger Balister, G3KMA, RSGB IOTA Manager

Last year's rash statement was  "the 2001 Honour  Roll will make  interesting
reading". Revision 2000 had led to the  addition of 58 new IOTAs, almost  all
split from existing  groups. The  Committee had  decided that  QSLs for  past
contacts with  islands  in  these  new groups  could  count  but  only  after
reference numbers had been issued  following fresh activity.  The need for  a
further operation was  considered essential, not  just to stimulate  activity
but, more importantly, to level  the playing field.  Acceptance of old  cards
meant of  course that  credits for  the 'original'  groups would  need to  be
rechecked to ensure  that they properly  counted. The unknown  factor in  all
this was the  extent to which  members could,  by the  Honour Roll  deadline,
produce valid QSLs for the  new groups and  replacements where necessary  for
the original ones. This could significanty affect scores. The result could be
very similar to throwing a pack  of playing cards in the  air and seeing  how
they landed!

A word on why all this was necessary.  A close comparison of the 1998/99  and
2000 Directories  will show  that IOTA  groups  now have  their  geographical
co-ordinates precisely defined  with all valid  islands within the  resulting
'rectangles' listed. This exercise necessitated restructuring of some  groups
to avoid confusing  overlaps while at  the same time  identified for  removal
those previously listed  groups which were  found to have  no valid  islands.
This, together  with the  rounding up  of the  IOTA  group ceiling  to  1200,
created scope for the addition of the 58 new groups. The revision was crucial
to the long term future of  the programme. Now done,  there is no  compelling
reason why it should ever need to be repeated!

A record 55 previously unnumbered IOTAS  saw activity in the 12 months  under
review. This included a staggering 36 of the 58 'New Groups' announced in the
Directory. Already by early July DXpeditions were beginning to trip over each
other in the rush to be the first to operate. The impact was most  noticeable
in Europe where  some groups had  resident amateurs or  were otherwise  quite
easy to activate. Soon a lot  of attention was being paid  to the new  groups
fringing the Black Sea, where the littoral countries had pressed so long  for
IOTA recognition. This was their day!  Most of the new groups outside  Europe
were more difficult  to access,  so it  took longer  but they  shared in  the

With a  score  of 970  Jean-Pierre,  F9RM still  holds  Number  One  position
although, following recent activity from  some of the  rarest FO groups,  the
margin is  now noticeably  closing. Livio,  I1ZL has  marked up  962  groups,
Claudio, I1SNW 956 and Antonio, EA4MY 955. John, G3AAE, who so sadly became a
Silent Key last  autumn, had sufficient  QSLs to place  him equal sixth  with
Garry, VE3XN and Don, W9DC at 949 groups. Eddy, ON6HE follows close on  their
heals with  948  with  Mat, ON5KL  one  behind.  Interestingly,  despite  the
unsettling effect of the changes, the top nine stations appear within the top
ten positions in  the same order  this year  as last.  The close  correlation
continues down through position 50 with  only four stations breaking  through
to join them. The speed of progression from the Annual Listing to the  Honour
Roll has increased  with 24.3% of  the membership now  having a  score of  at
least 492 representing 50% of the total number of activated groups.

The real achievement of the high scorers in IOTA needs to be acknowledged. It
is easy to focus on the IOTA groups that are 'easy' to work but they probably
number less than one  third of the  total 1000 groups.  An equal number  come
into the category  of being very  difficult having had  less than five  valid
operations, very few lasting longer  than three or  four days. The  remaining
third are of routine difficulty with  some activity on a regular or  sporadic

Just look for a moment at what someone with  a top score will have got  close
to working. The examples given here are from Oceania, the most difficult area
for a European station - a  different selection would  make the point  better
for eg a West Coast American member. These are countries where there are more
than one  IOTA.  The numbers  represent  different island  groups,  not  just
different islands or just contacts. For example, a top station would have had
to work close on 42 distinct island groups in Indonesia!

3D2    7          FW     2          P2    18          VP6    3
9M6/8  3          H4    12          T32    2          YB    42
A35    5          KH5    2          V63   10          YJ     4
DU    21          KH6/7  2          V73    3          ZK1    8
FK     6          KH8    4          VK    46          ZL     9
FO    16

Now add the other 20  or so DXCC  entities in Oceania  which coincide with  a
single IOTA - these also have  to be worked - and you  will see the scale  of
the achievement. In answer to the comment that they were all made on lists or
nets, this is just not so  - this feature of IOTA has  long since passed  and
some of the high scorers have never been on a net in their life.
Similarly the  charge that  the IOTAs  rarely operate  CW is  also no  longer
strictly true. Although  there is  still an  imbalance towards  SSB, this  is
reducing and most recent operations have used both modes.

IOTA saw a  further 11% increase  in award applications  in the period  under
review. This healthy rate of  entry into the  programme, which has  continued
for many  years,  would  not  be possible  without  the  strong  support  and
commitment of our checkpoints. This  year they had  to cope with  substantial
additional work handling the conversion of  members' records on to the  basis
of Directory 2000. We owe them all a big vote  of thanks - we could not  have
done without them. Finally, thanks are due  to Martin, G3ZAY for his help  in
the compilation of the data.

Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Manager                         RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)
19 July 2001                                                     21 July 2001

                      Past IOTA Notices are available at

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor