Monthly update of data in IOTA Directory 2000

                   >>> IOTA REFERENCE NUMBERS ISSUED <<<

AS-158/Pr  BY2   Liaoning Province East group (China)
OC-246     YB8   Leti and Sermata Islands (Indonesia)


AF-090/Pr  5R    Madagascar's Coastal Islands East (Madagascar)
AS-156/Pr  R0B   Ushakova Island (Russian Federation)
AS-157/Pr  3W    South China Sea Coast Centre group (Vietnam)
AS-158/Pr  BY2   Liaoning Province East group (China)
EU-188/Pr  R1P   Pechorskoye Sea Coast West group (Russian Federation)
NA-220/Pr  OX    Greenland's Coastal Islands South West (Greenland)
OC-244/Pr  DU1-4 Luzon's Coastal Islands (Philippines)

Note: A full listing of new  IOTA reference numbers issued since  publication
of IOTA  Directory 2000  may be  found  on the  IOTA  Manager's web  site  at


AS-096  VU3DMP     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-096  VU2GPH     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-096  VU2JIX     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-096  VU2JRO     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-096  VU2MTT     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-096  VU2NJN     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-096  VU2PAI     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-096  VU2RDJ     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-096  VU2RDQ     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-096  VU2SBJ     St Mary's Island (May 2001)
AS-154  TA0/IT9WDY Giresun Island (April 2001)
AS-154  TA0/IT9YRE Giresun Island (April 2001)
EU-065  F6BFH/P    Molene Island (May 2001)
EU-065  F9IE/P     Molene Island (May 2001)
OC-129  UT2VU/DU7  Cebu Island (April 2001)
OC-221  YE8XM/P    Kai Kecil Island, Kai Islands (April 2001)
OC-224  YE8XM/P    Yamdena Island, Tanimbar Islands (April/May 2001)
OC-246  YE8XM/P    Sermata Island (April 2001)

Note:  This   list  includes   operations  where   validation  material   was
volunteered, ie not  specifically required  for credit  to be  given. In  all
cases, cards  now submitted  will be  accepted by  Checkpoints if  they  meet
normal standards. This means that the island name must be on the card.

         >>>                  AS  AT 1 JUNE 2001                  <<<

AF-090/Pr 5R8GT    Sainte-Marie Island (April 2001)
AF-090/Pr 5R8GY    Sainte-Marie Island (May/June 2001)
AS-050    RU0B/P   ??????? Island (April 2001)
AS-057    RU0B     Uyedineniya Island (April 2001)
AS-068    RS0B/P   ??????? Island (April 2001)
AS-140    S21BR    Dakhin Shahbazpur (Bhola) Island (December 2000)
AS-156/Pr RI0B     Ushakova Island (April 2001)
AS-157/Pr 3W7D     Tam Island (April 2001)
AS-158/Pr BA4DW/2  Dachangshan Island, Changshan Islands (May 2001)
EU-186    TA1ED/0  Gokceada Island (December 2000)
EU-188/Pr UE1RCV/1 Sengeyskiy Island (March 2001)
NA-035    HR6SI    Santanilla Islands (March 2001)
NA-220/Pr OX3LG    Simiutaq Island (April 2001)
OC-091    DU1KGJ/P Polillo Island (February 2001)
OC-093    4H2B     Batan Island (February 2001)
OC-126    4I1P     Lubang Island (February 2001)
OC-244/Pr 4I1P     Marinduque Island (February 2001)

Note: Checkpoints are  not authorised to  credit QSL cards  for an  operation
where validation is required.

                         >>> UPDATES ON THE ABOVE <<<

Mid-month information on the issue of  IOTA reference numbers and  validation
of operations is available on  the IOTA Manager's  website above. Under  IOTA
NEWS BULLETINS click the latest bulletin under preparation.

                >>> RSGB HF & IOTA CONVENTION WINDSOR 2001 <<<

Put the date in  your diaries now.  This year's RSGB  HF and IOTA  Convention
will be held over the period 12, 13 and 14 October at Old Windsor, Berkshire.
An interesting programme, with plenty of  IOTA content, is under  preparation
with a number of well-known speakers  lined up including  the ops from  D68C.
The IOTA Committee will have a  series of presentations celebrating the  twin
milestones of 1000 IOTA numbers issued and of IOTA entering the 21st Century.
More on this  later. The Convention  Centre is served  by excellent road  and
rail links and,  for those  coming by  air, is  within easy  reach of  London
Heathrow Airport. Let's  have a really  big IOTA attendance  this year.  IOTA
enthusiasts from outside the UK planning to come are encouraged to drop me  a
note so that  we can monitor  likely attendance and  plan the IOTA  programme
accordingly. Details of booking arrangements will be available via a link  on
the website above - there is  an attractive discount  for booking early.

                           >>> IOTA CONTEST 2001 <<<

A reminder that the IOTA Contest takes  place from 1200 UTC Saturday 28  July
to 1200 UTC Sunday 29 July 2001. As this contest now attracts more than  1000
participants, it  is quite  possible to  work during  the  24 hours  the  100
different IOTAs required to qualify for the basic award. Full details are  at
http://www.g4tsh.demon.co.uk/HFCC/index.htm .

If you plan to take part  as an island station,  please check IOTA  Directory
2000 to see that your island counts and that you have the right IOTA  number.
If it is not listed, it could be that its IOTA status has been withdrawn.  So
you may need  to investigate. Also  remember, if  you decide  to activate  an
unnumbered, ie new, group, a new  reference number will NOT be issued  during
the 24 hours of the contest, so you  will need to start the operation  before
the contest to secure the number.

Please note  that  ALL  correspondence  about  the  contest  rules,  conduct,
adjudication and results must be directed  to the RSGB HF Contests  Committee
Chairman, Justin Snow, G4TSH at hfcc.chairman@rsgb.org.uk and NOT to the IOTA
Committee or the IOTA Manager. Notices  of planned island activity should  be
addressed to Steve  Lawman, G0UIH  at g0uihsteve@compuserve.com  if you  want
advance publicity.

                    >>> RSGB IOTA MILLENNIUM PROGRAMME <<<

Neville Cheadle,  G3NUG  reports that  232  applications for  the  RSGB  IOTA
Millennium Programme certificates (IOTA 2000) have now been processed by CDXC
and the certificates will be despatched  before the end of June and  possibly

We believe  that  several  more IOTA  DXpeditioners  may  qualify  for  these
attractive certificates. As a reminder, these are the rules:

Awards for DXpeditioners:
There are two awards for individuals or teams activating the following in
year 2000:

     DXpeditioners' Platinum Certificate
     For activating either (1) Two new IOTAs or (2) One new IOTA and Two
     rare IOTAs*.

     DXpeditioners' Gold Certificate
     For activating either (1) One new IOTA or (2) Two rare IOTAs* or
     (3) Five IOTAs (excluding one's home station).

The IOTA 2000 Programme is based on the 1998/99 IOTA Directory. 

* A rare IOTA is defined as one that requires validation by the IOTA

Send details of your DXpeditions to CDXC at g3nug@btinternet.com. The closing
date for applications  is 31 December  2001. There are  no charges for  these

Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Manager                         RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)
4 11 June 2001                                                   12 June 2001

                      Past IOTA Notices are available at

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor