AF-092      3V     Sousse / Monastir / Mahdia Region group (Tunisia)
AS-163/Pr   R0Q    Laptev Sea Coast East group (Russian Federation)
AS-164/Pr   R0Q    East Siberian Sea Coast West group (Russian Federation)
OC-249/Pr   YB8    Aru Islands (Indonesia)
SA-092      PZ     Suriname group (Suriname)

Source: http://www.eo19.dial.pipex.com/index.shtml


AS-163/Pr   R0Q    Laptev Sea Coast East group (Russian Federation)
AS-164/Pr   R0Q    East Siberian Sea Coast West group (Russian Federation)
OC-249/Pr   YB8    Aru Islands (Indonesia)

Source: http://www.eo19.dial.pipex.com/index.shtml


AF-092     3V8KO        Kuriat Island (June 2002)
AS-152     UA0QHZ/P     Bol'shoy Begichev Island (March/April 2002)
AS-152     UA0QMN/P     Bol'shoy Begichev Island (March/April 2002)
AS-159     TA2MW/0      Kefken Island (May/June 2002)
AS-159     TA2RC/0      Kefken Island (May/June 2002)
NA-163     XF1DN        Angel de la Guarda Island (June 2002)
OC-077     AH6HY/AH8    Ofu Island, Manua Islands (May 2002)
OC-090     DU1/G0SHN    Dimakya Island, Calamian Group (April 2002)
OC-244     DU1/G0SHN    Verde Island (March 2002)
SA-092     PZ5PI        Papegaaien Island (June 2002)

Note:  This   list  includes   operations  where   validation  material   was
volunteered, ie not  specifically required  for credit  to be  given. In  all
cases, cards  now submitted  will be  accepted by  Checkpoints if  they  meet
normal standards. This means that the island name must be on the card.

Source: http://www.eo19.dial.pipex.com/index.shtml

         >>>                  AS AT 30 JUNE 2002                  <<<

AF-057     5R8/F5DKO    Nosi Be Island (March 2002)
AS-163/Pr  R3CA/0       Makar Island (May 2002)
AS-164/Pr  R3CA/0       Nemkov Island (May 2002)
EU-082     U1ZA/1 & /A  Kil'din Island (resident?)
OC-197     YC3MM/P      Bawean Island (June 2002)
OC-221     YB8VM/P      Kai Islands (June 2002)
OC-221     YE8XM/P      Kai Islands (June 2002)
OC-249/Pr  YB8VM/P      Wamar Island, Aru Islands (June/July 2002)
OC-249/Pr  YE8XM/P      Wamar Island, Aru Islands (June/July 2002)
SA-073     4T4X/5       Chincha Islands (January 2002)
SA-086     XR2D         Damas Island (February 2002)
SA-088     PSA088       Tacami Island (June 2001)

Note: Checkpoints are  not authorised to  credit QSL cards  for an  operation
where validation is required.

Source: http://www.eo19.dial.pipex.com/index.shtml

                 >>>           IOTA CONTEST 2002           <<<
                 >>> From 12 UTC 27 July to 12 UTC 28 July <<<

Just a couple of weeks now until this  year's IOTA  Contest. And, judging  by
the announcemenents in the bulletins and on the reflectors,  there will  be a
huge  ammount  of  island activity;  plenty  of  multipliers  for the serious
contesters,  plenty of  IOTA counters for the IOTA enthusiasts. It looks like
being the best IOTA Contest yet!

Most of you will have seen the write-up  and results from last year (if  not,
they are of course on the  RSGB HF Committee Web  page - www.rsgbhfcc.org  ).
The  main  rule  changes  this  year  are  in  the  rules  regarding   island
DXpeditions, the introduction of a World multi-op category (previously,  only
island stations  could  participate  multi-op)  and  the  introduction  of  a
100-watt option for all entrants.

When you submit your logs, do please ensure that the cover sheet makes  clear
which section and category you are  entering (especially, make clear  whether
12- or  24-hour,  whether 100-watt  or  high-power and  whether  CW,  SSB  or
multimode. Otherwise you will be automatically  classified as 24-hour  and/or
multimode and/or high-power).  Advice on how  to configure  the most  popular
logging programs  for use  in the  contest has  been posted  on the  Contests
Committee Web page (see above). There were particular problems last year with
entrants who had used CT. Under  some configurations, the  .LOG file did  not
contain the received serial number (whereas the .ALL file did). Please  check
that your log  contains all the  necessary information.  Electronic logs  are
preferred, ideally to the new address  of iota.logs@rsgbhfcc.org Even if  you
only make a few QSOs, please send a log - all logs are entered in the  master
database for checking  purposes. We hope  to improve the  collection of  logs
this year and I am especially  grateful to Trey N5KO for  working with us  on
this, as he has previously done for both CQ and ARRL.

Don Field G3XTT
IOTA Contest Manager

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Committee Member

                      Past IOTA Notices are available at

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Committee Member
E-mail: i1jqj@ari.it

425 DX News Editor