AS-143  BY7  Xisha Archipelago (Paracel Islands) (China)


AS-067  JA4PXE/6    Uji-shima, Uji Archipelago (October 1999)
AS-067  JF6WTY/6    Uji-shima, Uji Archipelago (October 1999)
AS-067  JI3DST/6    Uji-shima, Uji Archipelago (October 1999)
AS-094  BA1AJ/7     Hainan Island (September 1999)
AS-094  BA1DU/7     Hainan Island (September 1999)
AS-094  BA1HAM/7    Hainan Island (September 1999)
AS-094  BA4RC/7     Hainan Island (September 1999)
AS-094  BA4TA/7     Hainan Island (September 1999)
AS-094  BA7IA/7     Hainan Island (September 1999)
AS-094  BD7NQ/7     Hainan Island (September 1999)
AS-143  BI7Y        Yongxing Island, Xisha Archipelago (September 1999)
EU-049  SV8/PA1XA/P Samos Island (June/July 1999)
EU-123  GB2NAG      Horse Island (October 1999)
NA-117  TE8CI       Cano Island (August 1999)
OC-212  VK2EO/P     Broughton Island (October 1999)
OC-212  VK2NP/P     Broughton Island (October 1999)
OC-212  VK2RD/P     Broughton Island (October 1999)
OC-212  VK2XN/P     Broughton Island (October 1999)
OC-212  VK2PB/P     Broughton Island (October 1999)
OC-212  VK2ZL/P     Broughton Island (October 1999)
OC-212  VK2ARY/P    Broughton Island (October 1999)
OC-212  VK2TPD/P    Broughton Island (October 1999)
OC-212  VK2KYG/P    Broughton Island (October 1999)

(*) Includes  operations  where  validation material was volunteered, ie  not
specifically  required  for  credit  to be given -  in all cases  cards   now
submitted will be accepted by Checkpoints.


AS-108      OD5RAL   Ramkin Island (September 1999)
EU-102      RI1P     Zeleniy Island (August 1999)
NA-064      AL7RB/P  Attu Island, Near Islands (September 1999)
OC-114      FO0DEH   Raivavae Island, Austral Islands (Sept/Oct 1999)
OC-177      YB0US    Seribu Islands (July 1999)
OC-177      7A0K     Semut Kecil Island, Seribu Islands (October 1999)
OC-230/Prov VK9RS    Rowley Shoals, Western Australia (September 1999)

Checkpoints are not authorised to credit QSL cards for operations from  which
validation material is still awaited.

                       >>> IOTA MANAGER'S WEBSITE <<<

The IOTA Manager's Website with the  latest official IOTA information is  now
up and running at http://www.eo19.dial.pipex.com/index.htm - it's well  worth
a regular visit.

This site  will keep  you updated  on the  latest  developments in  the  IOTA
Programme including, of course,  new IOTA reference  numbers issued and  rare
island operations validated. Currently you will find there news items on IOTA
Directory 2000, requests  for new IOTA  groups, the  forthcoming deletion  of
credits for AF-034, AF-055,  AS-034 and AS-035,  corrective action on  OC-014
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                    >>> RSGB IOTA TROPHY WINNERS 1998 <<<

At the RSGB  HF and IOTA  Convention at Windsor  on 8 October  1999 the  IOTA
Committee was pleased to announce the winners of the  IOTA Trophies [see IOTA
Notice 05/99 for background details] for the year 1998.

             *** Most Courageous IOTA DXpedition of the Year ***

Awarded jointly to Barry Bettman, KL7/K6ST  and Thomas Attwood, KL7/W6IXP  in
recognition of considerable efforts and   courage in the  face of   adversity
shown in  mounting  IOTA operations  from  Sledge Island  NA-210  and  Little
Diomede Island NA-150 in western Alaska.

            *** Most Outstanding IOTA DXpedition of the Year ***
                      *** (Africa, Asia and Europe) ***

Awarded to the Chinese Radio Sports Association (CRSA) in recognition of  the
strong support,  assistance and encouragement given to Chinese radio amateurs
in mounting successful  first time  IOTA   operations, using  the special  BI
prefix, from islands in six Chinese Provinces, IOTA groups AS-134 to  AS-139,
during the year.

The IOTA Committee has also awarded Premier IOTA Award Plaques to Alan  Kung,
BA1DU and De Hao Yang, BA7JA  in recognition of their outstanding service  to
the IOTA community in mounting many of these operations.

            *** Most Outstanding IOTA DXpedition of the Year ***
             *** (North America, South America and Oceania) ***

Awarded to Jim Smith, H40AB in  recognition of the considerable effort  shown
in mounting an IOTA operation from Pigeon Island, Reef Islands OC-065 in  the
new DXCC  entity  Temotu  Islands,  during  which  he  made  15,800  contacts
operating alone.

Details on how  to vote for  the 1999  DXpedition winners  will be  published
early in 2000.

Roger Balister, G3KMA                      
RSGB IOTA Manager                      
1 September 1999                                         
Email g3kma@dial.pipex.com                           

                     Past IOTA Notices are available at
               as well as the 1999 Honour Roll/Annual Listing
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Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
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