We started to post here the excellent MirNews bulletin by Chris v.d.Berg NL-9165/a-UK3202

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MIRNEWS.367                                                        2 JULY

Progress-M34:  This naughty boy (or is it girl?) ceased its existence on
2.07.97 at 06.32.00UTC. Pr-M34 burnt up over a designated area  in the
Pacific East of New Zeeland.  During the autonomous flight until decay
specialists used Pr-M34 for tests in the framework of the investigations in
the cause of the fatal event on 25.06.1997.  

Progress-M35: The launch of this new  freighter  with a partly replaced
cargo is on schedule for 5.07.1997 at 04.11.54UTC. If all goes according to
plan the Pr-M35 has to link up with MIR's aft (+X) docking port on
7.07.1997 at 05.58.15UTC. 

Cargo of Pr-M35: The original cargo has been partly replaced by equipment
needed for the  activities in relation to the Module Spektr during an
internal spacewalk .  With Pr-M35 an Antares transceiver for communications
between MIR and TsUP via the geostationary satellite Altair-2 over 16 dgs
West will be brought to MIR. 

The mysterious white flakes: After MIRNEWS.366 went to the 'press' there
was still a pass of MIR in orb. 64927 in which Lazutkin reported that they
did not see those flakes after their first observation.

Morale on board MIR: The morale is excellent.  Tsibliyev regained his old
flexibility and he is very busy  with the very complicated preparations for
the internal EVA (so in fact an IVA) which possibly will be executed in the
night from 11 to 12.07.1997.

Chris v.d. Berg, NL-9165/A-UK3202

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