Resurs 01 N4
137.850 MHz

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  11-Aug-99 1155z - Western Europe
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2-May-99 1145z - Western Europe 2-May-99 1000z - Mediterranean Sea
1-May-99 1205z - Western Europe Atlantic Ocean 18-Apr-99 1010z - Mediterranean Sea 18-Apr-99 0830z - Caspium Sea 17-Apr-99 1035z - Mediterranean Sea
5-Apr-99 1130z - Atlantic Ocean, Spain 5-Apr-99 0950z - Europe 4-Apr-99 1150z - Atlantic Ocean 3-Apr-99 1218z - Atlantic Ocean
3-Apr-99 1044z - Mediterranean Sea, Europe 21-Feb-99 1023z - Europe clouds 20-Mar-99 1038z - Mediterranean sea 21-Feb-99 1023z - Mediterranean sea