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It all began in May 1991. Today, Decembre the 2nd 2024, 425 DX News marks its 1700th issue after over thirty-two years of providing uninterrupted service to the DX community.

To all our readers across the globe: thank you!

73 de 425 Dx News Team

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425 DX News originates from a group of local amateurs (the so-called '425 DX Gang') who used to meet on 145.425 MHz and exchange DX information.

At a certain point 2 metres did not suit any more: many people living far from call area 1 wanted to participate in the exchange, so that the Gang moved on the HF bands (10 metres at first, then 80 metres) and organized a weekly info net for Italian DXers.

In the early nineties, as Packet Radio got a footing and the Packet Cluster Network links became more and more reliable, a bulletin in writing was born. It was called 425 DX News in memory of the frequency where everything had started from.

Between May 1991 and March 1995 the bulletin was sent in Italian language on the BBS and PCL networks. On entering the Internet era, a website and a mailing list were created, and 425 DX News began being produced in English. In 2005 it became the DX Bulletin of ARI, the IARU member society for Italy.

In June 2010 the mailing list [425eng] moved to Google Groups, and has been administered by Stefano Turci, IK4WMH since then.

425 DX News is also available on other mailing lists such as Yahoo Group's [DX IS], and in other languages (for instance in Russian, translated by Alexander Venderovich, UA9MHN).

Complementary to 425 DX News are the 425 Magazine, initiated by Maurizio Bertolino (I1-21171) and continued by Nicola Baldresca (IZ3EBA), and the popular piece of software developed by Leonardo Lastrucci (IZ5FSA), which allows to query the 425DXN Archive from the PacketCluster and on the Web.

In May 2007 the Editors of 425 DX News were inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame, "in recognition of their extraordinary and unselfish contribution to the sport of Amateur Radio DXing".

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
Valeria Pregliasco, IK1ADH

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